Cause Impact Limited (CIL) delivered comprehensive media relations services for AHF, encompassing the meticulous development and management of a targeted media list. Through in-person meetings, CIL strategically established and nurtured relationships with key media figures, creating executive speaking opportunities and positioning AHF as a thought leader. Active cultivation and maintenance of relationships with reporters and editors at influential media publications were pivotal, and CIL played a central role in facilitating AHF's media events, tracking and responding to media stories, achieving measurable increases in media coverage, and monitoring news for potential impacts on AHF's initiatives. In addition to these responsibilities, CIL also ensured seamless coordination of AHF's media events, contributing to a heightened level of visibility and engagement.

Additionally, CIL took charge of organizing internal day celebrations aligned with AHF's mandate, showcasing AHF's impactful work and identifying innovative strategies to advance its mission. The responsibilities extended to securing media spots for AHF advertising, distributing commercial press releases to key outlets, and conducting digital campaigns that positioned Ferdinand Omanyala as a key influencer for the organization. CIL also contributed to AHF's social media presence by shooting and editing clips, developing social media messages, and providing editorial support through professional edits, proofreading, and translation services. A well-executed campaign strategy for AHF campaigns, international days, and media events further demonstrated CIL's expertise and commitment throughout the project.