The African Population and Health Research Centre (APHRC)

Cause Impact Limited (CIL) assumed the role of assessing the policy engagement, advocacy, and communication strategies, along with developing a comprehensive framework for these endeavors. This involved the meticulous collection and analysis of evidence regarding policy and practice opportunities, scrutinizing outcomes, and evaluating the overall effectiveness of the centre's policy and advocacy engagement approaches. CIL was entrusted with guiding unit teams in mapping current practices pertaining to policy and advocacy engagement processes across various thematic policies and strategies, providing insightful recommendations for enhancement. Moreover, CIL was charged with formulating an engagement plan that involved key stakeholders at all levels, fostering collaboration with state agencies, CSOs, and other essential partners.

Cause Impact Limited collaborated with unit teams to pinpoint target audiences and establish communication objectives at regional, national, and local levels. In addition, they assumed the responsibility of evaluating communication capacities for all stakeholders. Cause Impact Limited was further charged with identifying communication products and activities customized for each audience, seamlessly integrating APHRC signature issues. Furthermore, Cause Impact Limited was entrusted with conducting communication training sessions for internal stakeholders at APHRC.