Beda Okonga

Graphic Designer

Beda Okonga, the Lead Graphic Designer at CIL, is a seasoned and versatile creative professional with an impressive decade-long journey in design, branding, and printing. His role is crucial in shaping and maintaining the visual identity of Cause Impact, ensuring a cohesive and impactful brand presence.

Beda's expertise goes beyond the conventional realms of design. With excellent interpersonal skills, he possesses a unique ability to grasp client briefs intuitively, providing informed decisions on the latest trends and styles within the dynamic creative space. His strategic mindset allows him to develop innovative marketing strategies and campaigns that resonate effectively with target audiences.

Educationally, Beda holds a Diploma in Art and Design with a Graphic Design focus from the Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts. His areas of specialization encompass advertising, packaging design, publication, corporate identity, digital marketing concepts, and graphic reproduction. This diverse skill set is a testament to his proficiency in various facets of graphic design.

As the Lead Graphic Designer, Beda Okonga continues to be a driving force behind CIL's visual narrative, ensuring that the organisation's design elements align seamlessly with its mission and values. His passion for design and wealth of experience make Beda an invaluable asset in the realm of creative and strategic branding.