Dorothy Ademi

PR & Communication

Dorothy Ademi, serving as a Content Producer and Communication Expert at CIL, brings a wealth of expertise and creativity to the organisation. Armed with a diploma in Television Production from The Kenya Institute of Mass Communication, Dorothy is instrumental in crafting engaging and impactful content for diverse communication channels.

Her collaborative spirit and excellent interpersonal skills make her an invaluable asset in the development of digital media strategies. Dorothy is adept at navigating the dynamic landscape of digital communication, ensuring that the content she produces aligns seamlessly with the organisation's objectives.

Dorothy is driven by a commitment to excellence, consistently striving to give her best in every project. She believes in delving deep to produce content that not only meets but exceeds expectations, aiming for utmost satisfaction. This dedication to quality and satisfaction underscores her role at Cause Impact as a Content Producer and Communication Expert.

In her capacity at CIL, Dorothy Ademi's skills and passion contribute significantly to the organisation's mission of creating positive social transformation through effective and compelling communication.