End Malaria Council

Cause Impact Limited (CIL) played a pivotal role in advancing the malaria SBCC campaign, contributing not only to its development but also to its seamless execution and comprehensive evaluation. As a dedicated communication partner, CIL meticulously crafted the campaign methodology, delving into pre-campaign preparation, strategic execution, and post-campaign assessment. Aligned with the recently launched Kenya Malaria SBC strategy and the Kenya Malaria Strategy, CIL formulated a detailed Social and Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC) campaign plan. This plan served as a strategic guide, incorporating innovative approaches, adaptive strategies, and a keen understanding of the target audience.

Throughout the campaign's lifecycle, CIL's commitment to excellence shone through. The team not only ensured the effective execution of the campaign methodology but also continuously monitored its progress, making data-driven adjustments for optimal impact. The application of strategic insights and innovative approaches was a hallmark of CIL's involvement, reflecting our dedication to achieving the campaign's objectives and making a meaningful contribution to the fight against malaria in Kenya.

CIL crafted a robust plan for EMC's message dissemination and strategically positioned EMC thought leaders for interviews in key media outlets in Kenya, such as Citizen TV. These interviews significantly enhanced EMC's online visibility. Additionally, CIL was responsible for developing and managing content for EMC Kenya's website and social media platforms, specifically related to the SBCC campaign.

CIL designed and executed community malaria dialogues in Siaya, Kwale, and Busia, which are malaria-endemic areas. These activities were educational and engaging, enabling EMC to map out relevant malaria prevention messages.

CIL strategically positioned EMC to align with significant international celebrations that resonate with their mandate. To enhance EMC's visibility, CIL engaged influential figures within the community to disseminate key messages during these events. Additionally, CIL crafted opinion pieces on malaria-related topics, fostering a stronger relationship between EMC and the media, ultimately elevating EMC's brand visibility. Furthermore, CIL played a pivotal role in developing the EMC 2021 and 2022 annual reports.