Judy Mukami

Accounting & Finance

Judy stands as a seasoned Finance and Operations Management Professional with an impressive track record spanning over ten years in the service industry. Her role at Cause Impact, focusing on Finance and Administration duties, reflects her dedication to leveraging financial expertise for both enhancing organisational investment positions and fostering financial literacy through innovative social enterprise programs.

Driven by a unique analytical perspective and an unwavering attention to detail, Judy excels at identifying and addressing business gaps and inefficiencies. Her approach involves meticulously dissecting complex chains of processes, allowing her to uncover root causes and deliver tailor-made solutions for sustainable improvements.

Beyond her business acumen, Judy is a dedicated social entrepreneur committed to empowering women through financial awareness programs. Collaborating with various individuals and organisations, she actively designs and implements initiatives aimed at uplifting marginalised communities. Her overarching goal is to contribute to the reduction of poverty and make a positive impact in society through strategic financial initiatives.

Judy's multifaceted skills, dedication to social entrepreneurship, and expertise in Finance and Operations Management make her a valuable asset in steering CIL's functions toward impactful and sustainable outcomes.