KCAA sought a consultant to elevate its brand presence in alignment with its corporate strategic objective of bolstering brand resonance, experience, and recognition. The Authority aimed to heighten corporate brand visibility, identity, and engagement with its diverse audiences through this initiative. In pursuit of these goals, KCAA intended to enlist the expertise of a reputable marketing/branding or communication company to craft a comprehensive Corporate Identity Manual. This manual was envisioned to furnish clear brand guidelines, applications, and diverse promotional materials, offering distinct elements readily adaptable to various corporate engagements.

Cause Impact undertook the overarching goal of crafting a Corporate Identity Manual for KCAA, offering comprehensive guidance on diverse corporate applications and distinctive visual imagery specific to the Authority. This manual aimed to serve as a valuable resource, providing both awareness and operational materials for KCAA's use. Designed to mirror the core areas of KCAA's work, as well as its values and approach to fulfilling its mandate, the manual served as a strategic tool aligning the Authority's brand with its mission and objectives.

Cause Impact Limited (CIL) initiated comprehensive research to unearth the brand heart, brand mission, brand essence, and brand positioning for KCAA. A pivotal step in this process involved orchestrating a concept meeting with the team members from KCAA to solidify this foundational understanding. In tandem, CIL undertook an exhaustive literature review to gain profound insights into the context of KCAA as a brand.

Cause Impact Limited (CIL) undertook a meticulous brand audit to evaluate the identity of KCAA. Post-audit, CIL crafted a comprehensive brand brief, detailing crucial information to guarantee alignment with the brand's objectives. Furthermore, CIL spearheaded the design of a distinctive logo for KCAA, curated a complementary colour palette for both the logo and typography, and introduced creative elements to elevate the overall brand identity.