Masterclass MC001 on Development of PR and Communication Strategy

In collaboration with Strathmore University Business School, Cause-Impact Limited orchestrated the inaugural Masterclass MC001 on the Development of PR and Communication Strategy, held from September 5th to 7th, 2018, at Strathmore University. This initiative stemmed from the recognized necessity to enhance skill sets in strategy development for professionals in the field of PR and communication management in Kenya. The primary goal of the Masterclass was to empower participants with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental elements of proficient PR and communication strategies. The training specifically catered to practitioners from both private and public institutions, as well as project and program coordinators. This milestone event marked a significant contribution to the ongoing professional development within the industry.

Cause-Impact Limited initiated the training program with a thorough pre-training assessment, strategically evaluating the existing knowledge and skill levels of the participants. Guided by the training objectives and valuable insights gleaned from the needs assessment, CIL proceeded to intricately design a comprehensive training curriculum. Following the meticulously crafted curriculum, CIL executed the training according to plan, incorporating a diverse range of instructional methods such as lectures, discussions, group activities, and case studies. This multifaceted approach was intentionally designed to captivate participants, fostering an environment conducive to effective learning. Continuous feedback on performance and progress was provided throughout the workshop, with a dedicated emphasis on encouraging active participation and discussions to enhance the overall learning experience.

After the training, Cause-Impact Limited conducted a post-training assessment to evaluate the effectiveness of the program and measure the attainment of learning objectives. Subsequent to the workshop, CIL maintained engagement with participants through follow-ups, reinforcing learning outcomes, providing supplementary resources, and extending support as required. In pursuit of continual improvement, Cause-Impact Limited conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the workshop, meticulously identifying areas for enhancement in preparation for future sessions. This commitment to ongoing assessment and participant support underscores our dedication to delivering impactful and evolving training experiences.