Nicole Cheptoo

PR & Communication

Nicole Cheptoo, contributing her talents to CIL as a PR and Communication enthusiast, is a dedicated professional with a profound passion for storytelling, an acute eye for detail, and a natural flair for creativity.

Her role at Cause Impact goes beyond traditional communication; It involves the art of crafting compelling narratives and fostering robust relationships with the public.

Nicole's greatest strengths extend beyond her professional skill set. Her infectious laughter and positive energy bring a unique dynamism to her work environment. Recognising that laughter serves as both stress-reliever and a powerful tool for connection, Nicole leverages her ability to find humour in various situations. This allows her to maintain a lighthearted approach even in challenging times, making her not just a colleague but a joy to collaborate with.

In her capacity as a PR and Communication enthusiast at CIL, Nicole Cheptoo is an integral part of the team, infusing her creativity and positive energy into the organisation's communication strategies. Her commitment to compelling storytelling and her ability to build meaningful connections align seamlessly with Cause Impact's mission of creating positive social transformation through effective communication.