The Kenyan Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning- National Land Information Management System (NLIMS)

Cause-Impact Limited (CIL) took a central role in the inception and introduction of the NLIMS brand, spearheading an extensive array of services to guarantee a triumphant launch. This encompassed the meticulous crafting of the brand identity, covering aspects such as colors, name, slogan, and tagline. Additionally, CIL compiled a comprehensive brand manual to ensure uniformity in both visual and verbal elements, thereby laying a robust groundwork for NLIMS. The adept design of branded materials, communication collaterals, and the strategic branding of the Ministry of Lands Geospatial Data Centre office exemplify CIL's commitment to establishing a unified and impactful brand presence.

In order to cultivate awareness and enhance capacity, CIL strategically implemented an outreach strategy, leveraging a diverse array of media channels. The creation of engaging content across social media platforms, animations, instructional videos, jingles, TV commercials, radio spots, and press materials was executed with meticulous attention to detail. CIL's proactive engagement with the media not only secured ample coverage but also involved the management of social media accounts for both the Cabinet Secretary and the Ministry, fortifying their online presence.

The formal launch of ArdhiSasa on April 27, 2021, was impeccably orchestrated by CIL, showcasing our proficiency in event management. This encompassed a myriad of responsibilities such as venue identification, vendor coordination, guest management, program development, acquisition of a master of ceremonies, entertainment planning, ushering and stewarding, videography and photography, development of communication materials, crisis communication planning, internal staff training, speeches, event branding, and meticulous attention to set-up and set-down logistics.

CIL further facilitated the setup of the Customer Service Center and conducted customer service training. In parallel, change management training for department heads was initiated to foster internal organizational culture change and NLIMS adoption. The transition of the ArdhiSasa program during the Cabinet Secretary's departure was smoothly executed through succession training.

Throughout the contract period, CIL demonstrated adept crisis communication management, ensuring timely and strategic responses to emergent issues within the Ministry. This comprehensive approach exemplifies CIL's commitment to steering successful brand launches, fostering organizational change, and managing effective crisis communication.