The Maasai Mara Wildlife Conservancies Association (MMWCA) engaged the services of a communication consultant, Cause Impact Limited, to develop a comprehensive One-Mara Brand Marketing Strategy. The objective was to establish a robust brand identity for MMWCA, strategically position the organization within the competitive market, distinguish its services from competitors, foster trust and credibility among the target audience, and cultivate consumer loyalty to the brand.

The responsibilities entrusted to Cause Impact Limited included conducting desk research to gather information on the Mara ecosystem for the development of data gathering tools and stakeholder mapping. The consultant facilitated information-gathering stakeholder workshops, collected and synthesized relevant data, and organized consultative forums involving private and public sector partners as well as conservancies for input on the One-Mara Brand Strategy. Cause Impact Limited spearheaded the creation of a draft One-Mara Brand Marketing Strategy, facilitated validation meetings, conducted a thorough review of the strategy, and managed the design and publication processes.

Cause Impact Limited (CIL) undertook the responsibility of formulating the One-Mara Brand Marketing Strategy, underpinned by a foundational research-driven situation analysis of the Mara ecosystem. This approach involved creating a comprehensive situation analysis report, covering aspects such as a detailed analysis of the product and target market, Corporate Culture, brand focus, consumer experience, and communication and promotional tools.

To ensure a participatory approach, CIL organized a stakeholder workshop that engaged both internal and external stakeholders. This collaborative effort contributed to the development of messages, identification of priority issues, and the mapping of key actors crucial for the success of the One Mara Brand. Through stakeholder engagement, CIL conducted a net map analysis, formulated communication objectives, crafted key messages, and identified the most effective communication channels.

Subsequently, Cause Impact Limited drafted a targeted and responsive One Mara Brand Marketing Strategy, optimizing communication activities. CIL developed a detailed implementation matrix and established a monitoring and evaluation framework for the One Mara Brand. To proactively address potential crises, CIL designed a Crisis Communication Plan. Additionally, CIL created capacity-building materials and conducted training sessions covering strategic PR and communications, as well as media relations.


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